Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Shower Creations

I know that it's been a long time since I visited/posted in the wonderful world of blogging. But, what can I say life gets busy sometimes! ;)

I'll give you a quick run down of what has been going on since the last time I posted. (that way we can catch up! ;)

I've spent a lot of time doing some serious spring cleaning (even though I still feel that my house still needs some work) and also getting stuff ready for a garage sale we are having next weekend. Oh, and I also painted one of our bathrooms last weekend. It's a very small bathroom but it still took just as long as a bigger room! All that cutting in around the windows, doors, etc takes forever!
I also got my wisdom teeth removed on May 19th. This is probably the main reason for my hiatus from stamping and blogging! I had all four teeth removed surgically. The extractions went fine for the most part with the exception that I couldn't open my jaw more than a 1/2 an inch for two weeks after!!! According to my oral surgeon my jaw muscle severely spasmed and contracted from the stress of the surgery. He said that he has never seen a case like mine in his career, and he has been doing surgeries for over twenty years! Leave it to me to be an anomaly! After he made sure that my jaw joint was fine he gave me some exercises to do for it. Man did those hurt!!! But I'm happy to say that they worked (if they didn't I was going to have to go to a physical therapist!) and my mouth is on the mend! Yay!!!

Oh, and I also got back my results from my dermo about the moles that I had removed. Three came back fine but one came back dysplastic. Dysplastic moles are the ones that turn into melanoma! I wasn't even that concerned about the one on my back that came back bad. My ob-gyn noticed it at my last exam when she was checking my lungs and she said that I should keep an eye on it. I'm so thankful that I finally quit procrastinating about this situation and got them taken care of. So I'm going to get on my soapbox now... Go get your moles checked! Trust me it's not that big of a deal and it's such a relief after it is done! Also, please wear your sunscreen every day!

Okay... on to the stamping part of this post! I made these cute invites and thank-you cards for my dear friend that is having a baby in July. She's due July 5th but I know she's going to go two days early so he will be born on my birthday! ;) The theme for the shower followed the decor that she picked out for the nursery which is farm and tractors. I searched everywhere for a tractor stamp and could not find one that I liked. So I finally came up with the idea of making a simple image in Word using the drawing toolbar. After I got the image how I wanted it I just copied and pasted the tractor and printed it off! I colored it in with my prismas and layered it in Green Galore, Barely Banana, and pp from Doodlebug Design (baby boy plaid). I really like how they turned out! Well I better go I have about 30 more of these thank you cards to make before tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! I missed you all so much! HUGS!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stampin' Challenge!

Good morning! I can't believe that I'm actually posting at 7:30 in the morning! For some reason I'm feeling really motivated today! I've actually already folded some laundry and started some more and did a few other minor household chores! It's going to be a good day! ;)

Okay, onto the stampin' stuff... This little creation was a challenge from our SU! demonstrator. At our last Stampin' Up! party she gave everyone an envelope and told them to create this little bag (I forgot what she called it). I have to admit I messed up the envelope that she gave me and had to use one of my own! (I'm a little rusty with the stampin' :) Anyways, this is what I came up with. I'm not crazy about it, but I do really like the colors! I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to do with the layered sentiment! I finally gave up and just dimensionaled it where it landed! :)

Well I hope you have a great Wednesday! HUGS!!!
Edited: Okay, so maybe I'm not on top of my game this morning! I just went to poor myself a cup of coffee and realized that I forgot to put the coffee grounds in! Hmmm, maybe I could make a cup of tea with all of that hot water I just brewed!!! LOL! ;)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A little show and tell!

Finally! I have time to post a few cards! The first two cards are ones that I made a while back and just never had time to share. The cute little dog card was a total case off of the back of the stamp set that I used. I would tell you the name of the set but I can't find it! (I really need to clean my stamp area!;) The other card is made from all SU! supplies with the exception of the Birds & Swirls embossing folder.

Finally, the last card was one that I made yesterday. It's actually the only one I made yesterday. I know I told you that I was going to celebrate the end of the semester by stamping all day, but I just wasn't feeling up to it. I had four moles removed on Wednesday. Two of thess were under my right arm and for some reason were really sore yesterday! So I tried to limit my movement. To make it worse I think I'm allergic to bandage adhesive! Go figure!!! I'm definitely looking forward to these healing and getting my stitches out!

Well I wish I had more time to chat and stamp but we are going to my family's ranch to help brand this weekend. If you have no idea of what I am talking about check out last years post and pics! Thanks for stopping by & have a great weekend!!! HUGS!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The final stretch!!!

Okay, so you probably think that I have fallen off the face of the earth! Well I haven't! I've actually been planted in front of my computer for the last two months writing papers, lesson plans, observations, etc, etc, etc! But, I am happy to say that it's finals week!!! And I am going to my last final in about an hour! Not only is it my last final for the semester but it is my last final ever!!! I'm so excited! Next fall I will finally student teach and graduate in December! Well I just had to share my exciting news. I'm planning on doing some major stamping tomorrow to celebrate! ;) HUGS!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Hello friends! We got back yesterday from our wonderful vacation in Hawai'i! My SIL lives in Honolulu on Waikiki, so we stayed with her in her amazing condo! We are so thankful for her generosity and hospitality! Not only did she let the four of us (our friends Jon & Christine went with us) invade her condo for over a week, but she also chauffeured us around the island! You're the best KT!!!
Okay, so now I'm going to bore you with endless vaca pics! I'm going to do them in installments because I have so many I want to share! I'm posting all these vaca pics so my family and friends can see them too. So if you are here looking for cards and are bored with my all these pics I'm so sorry! :)
Oh, and to enhance your viewing enjoyment I changed my music too! (I know I'm a nerd!)

Andy and I, first night on Waikiki Beach

Katie, Andy, and I getting ready to hike Makapu'u

The view from the top of Makapu'u

Waikiki at Sunset

Sunrise from the deep sea fishing boat

Andy reeling in his mahimahi

Duke's on Sunday! (it's the place to be ;)

Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach

Hanauma Bay, Awesome snorkeling!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hmmm... I wonder what this card is all about? :)

No time for chit-chat today either! But, I'm sure you regular readers don't need any explanation for this one!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick Update!

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record... But I've been really busy with school and have had very little time to stamp! This is especially true right now because I'm trying to get everything done before we go on vacation! (yea!!!! vacation!!!)

I didn't have time to stamp this weekend either, because I was at state bowling! Yep, I said state bowling. And no, you do not have to be incredibly good to go to state, you just have to pay the fee!!! :) I've never bowled until this year, when I joined a women's league. I've had lots of fun bowling, but I'm not very good! But I am happy to say that I've improved a lot since the start of the season. And I actually bowled quite well at state.

Well here's a few pics to share. The first one is of our team. I just scanned the pic that the photographer took, hopefully he won't get me for copyright laws! :) The last one is of me and my friend Kinsey (and yes those are glitter shamrock glasses she's wearing!). We are pointing out my score where I filled the first frame and got a strike on the second! Obviously it was a big deal!
Thanks for stopping by! HUGS!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lucky Number 15 Gets the Yummy Daisy Treat!!!

Thank you for playing along with my little game! I got so many ideas from all of you, but I'm still not for sure on what to order!!!

I am still trying to decide between, One of a Kind, Boho Backgrounds, Smarty Pants, and Pretty Amazing. Oh, what's a girl to do? I guess I'm going to another SU! party in March so I can always get the rest of my wish list then! ;)

Okay here's the winning comment:
Amy said,

If you haven't ordered the "always" set I love it. Also, I love the berry bliss
paper. It is hard to tell you what to get when I don't know what you have. Is
your ink collection complete? I also love the bali breeze paper. Have fun
picking the perfect things!

Thanks for your comment Amy! I actually got the last few ink colors that I was missing for Christmas. Santa (aka MIL) is the best! So now I'm all about stamps!!!

Amy, send me an e-mail letting me know if you have any specific color combos that you would like or a specific word. Oh, and your snail mail address would be helpful too! :)

Thanks for stopping by tonight!!!


Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet Crazy Daisy! (Scroll down for a Daisy Treat)

Well I don't have anything to post today. I'm working on LOTS of homework and have plenty of chores and errands to do later this afternoon. I do think I'm going to take a little time to browse Target this afternoon. I've seen some really cute summer skirts in there that I think will be perfect for our Hawaii vacation! Oh I'm sooo excited for a little tropical weather! The last time DH and I were on a major vacation together (we tend to take separate vacations during the summer!) was on our honeymoon 2 1/2 years ago. We went to Cabo San Lucus, Mexico. OMG!!! It was awesome!

Okay, anyways... I thought I would post a pic of my blog's name sake. ;) Here is my sweet cat Daisy aka Crazy Daisy. I found her camped out in our hallway bathroom, laying in the sink! I've seen her do this before, but never found my camera in time to snap her pic! She truely is a goofy, crazy cat and definitely deserves her name as Crazy Daisy!

BTW don't forget to scroll down and post a comment so you can win a handmade Daisy Treat! Maybe I'll even find some other stampin' goodies to throw in the pot to sweeten the deal!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pay it Forward gifts and exmple of DAISY TREAT aka BLOG CANDY!!!

Okay, here are the gifts I came up with for the Pay it Forward game. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to create, but I finally settled on this. These are actually wood wall hangings for your craft area. I decided to use the word "create" in hopes that it would inspire the recipients when they are in a stampin' rut. :) I hope they like them!

To make these little creations I first went down to my FIL's shop to steal some scrap wood. But when I got down there I totally scored! He was actually mixing up custom stains for a customer and I got the "reject" samples. Not only were they the perfect size they were already sanded!!! I brought the scraps home and painted them with craft paint and sanded the edges of the paint after they were dry. I cut the letters out with my Cricut and used Mod Podge to adhere the desginer paper and the letters. I used tacky glue to attach the ribbon and flower. Oh I should mention that I got those little "saw tooth" picture hangers in the hardware aisle of Wal-Mart and attached those to the back of the wood after I had painted them.
Okay, about that Daisy Treat (aka blog candy). If you post a comment on the previous post you will have a chance to win a hand-made wall hanging like you see in the pics! If I draw your name I will let you decide the color combo and word for your wall hanging! (That way it will match your stamp area or whatever room you have in mind!) So if you are interested scroll down to the previous post to get the details! Thanks for playing along!

SU! Creations and a DAISY TREAT!!!

Hello Blog Friends! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Of course mine is flying by too fast, but it's been very enjoyable! Yesterday morning I had a SU! party. We always have sooo much fun at these! Our group is very talkative with a little touch of crazy ;)! So needless to say we have a good time, especially when we have the parties on Friday nights with drinks! ;) But since I was having a Saturday morning party I decided against he margaritas and went with some yummy Kona coffee that my SIL brought back from Hawaii and bagels from Big Apple Bagels. Yum!

Okay so these are the adorable creations we made yesterday with our SU! demo Jason. (She's just starting her blog so please encourage her!) She is so much fun and always has awesome projects for us to do! She said that she actually had three projects for us, but since we are so talkative we only had time for two of them!

The first one we made is an adorable little treat or gift basket! It was so easy to make too (once she showed us how ;) And I love the pp that we used to make it.

The next one is a little 4x4 card. Don't you love this pp too! We also used the white craft pad to put the polka-dots on the ribbon! I never would of thought of that!

Thanks for the awesome projects Jason!

Okay, on to the DAISY TREAT aka BLOG CANDY!

I need your help! I can't decide what I want to order from SU! So look through your catalog and let me know what I should order! There are so many cool sets in there, I just can't decide! Leave a comment on this post telling me YOUR must have SU! stamp set. I will draw a name Tuesday night and pick a winner to receive a custom hand made gift for your craft area! I'll post an example of the gift later today! Thanks for yor help!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let's see some cards!

Even though I have had no time to blog the past few weeks, I have done a little stampin'. So here's a quick run down! ;)

First of all I must show you what I received from Barb for the "pay-it-forward" game. How cute is this handmade book?! The paper is absolutely gorgeous and every page has something different on it! Oh, and I must say that I love the ribbon she used, especially the white ribbon! She also sent me an adorable Bella card! Thanks so much Barb!!!

This card is one that I made for my FIL's birthday. If you think it looks familiar, you're right! I used the same materials to make this card as I did my husband's B-day card! All I did was change the sketch. I used on of Beate's sketches for this card.
Okay, this last card is one I made this past weekend to celebrate the end of our week and a half of sub-zero temps!!! Yea!!! However, our break was too short! We had bone chilling temps (like most of you had) last week. Then we made it into the 30's this past weekend and then upper 40's on Monday!!!! It was so awesome. But then our warm weather came to an abrupt halt on Tuesday with white-out snow and wind chills around -25! Ouch!!! That was a change!

I picked up this new DCWV stack (Nana's Nursery- Baby Girl) at Jo's last Friday when I was in Lincoln. Isn't it adorable!!! The stamp is an Autumn Leaves dollar stamp that I picked up at Jo's too.
Okay, well that's it for now! Back to homework for me. :( Is this semester over yet???
Thanks for stopping by! HUGS!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Little Western Flair!

A few days ago my mom asked me to make a card for her to give to her boyfriend. As soon as she asked me I knew exactly what I was going to use to create my 'masterpiece'! ;) If you are a regular reader of my blog you will remember that my family is full of cowgirls and cowboys! (with the exception of me! ;)

I used the Wanted collection of dp and die cuts from Cosmo Cricket. Isn't it perfect for a western card? I made this card 5x7 so that it would fit the large square die cut that is around my sentiment. I really pondered on this card and wanted to get it "just right"! I ended up using four different patterns of paper, plus the layered cardstock base, and all of those die cuts too! I'm satisfied with the way that it turned out, but I'm still thinking that it could still use a little more embellishment. What do you think?

Well I have LOTS of homework to work on today. Hopefully, I'll have time to finish my Pay it Forward gifts later this afternoon!
Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies: SU's!- So Saffron (cardstock), Chocolate Chip (cardstock and ink), and Happy Harmony stamp set, DP and die cuts from Cosmo Cricket's Wanted Collection, clear embossing powder, brad, and paper clip.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My least favorite type of card to make :(

Sympathy cards are by far my least favorite type of card to make (for obvious reasons). However, I feel that they are also one of the most important types of cards that a stamper ever makes. And quite possibly the most appreciated card that someone receives.

My friend Mandey called me this morning and told me that the father of one of our friends passed away. He was fighting a long hard battle with cancer that ended last night. I have only known this friend for a few years. However, Mandey has been best friends with her since pre-school and is taking it quite hard. So please go over to her blog and give her a cyber-hug!

Well this isn't exactly what I was planning on stamping today, but I wanted to get this card sent right away. Hopefully I'll have more time to stamp later this afternoon.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Supplies: From SU!: So Saffron, Mellow Moss, Bordering Blue, Garden Collage, Best Blossoms, Word Window Punch. Other supplies: clear embossing powder, Staz-on, Versa Mark, Marvy Punches, brass brad, ribbon from Michaels, Prisma Color Pencils.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to School! :(

Today was my first day back to school... Christmas break was way too short!!!

I already know that this is going to be a super busy semester! I'm taking my last set of methods classes. So that means that this will be my last semester of regular classes before I student teach next fall! Yea!!!! I'm almost done!!!

I had to buy my books today, which is never fun. :( Does this pile of books look like $400? Nope, I didn't think so either!(notice that I even bought four used books and the bottom two books are "Instructor Packets" that were only $5 each) And the sad thing is, I'm still not done buying all of the books that I will need for my classes this semester! Ahhhhh! Oh how I wish I could spend my book money on new stamp sets! How awesome would that be? :)

Well, no time for stamping tonight, I already have homework to do. Tomorrow's not looking much better either, I'm substitute teaching at the YMCA preschool tomorrow. I love the students there, so it should be lots of fun! Maybe I'll get some stampin' time in tomorrow night! Thanks for stopping by!!!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Birthday Wishes!!!

I made this card especially for my DH. Today is his 27th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Andy! I love you!!!

He absolutely loves to hunt and fish, so I decided to go with an "outdoorsy" theme. I don't have a lot of stamps that are appropriate for guys, so I wasn't for sure what kind of card I was going to make for Andy. Then I remembered that I had picked up some stickers by Karen Foster called "Hunting Season"! Perfect!!! So that's where the image on the tag came from. I mounted the tag on SU's! Always Artichoke and Really Rust. I also used SU's! Pine Bough wheel and the sentiment is from their Sincere Salutations set. The designer paper is from Cosmo Cricket's "Wanted Collection", I think that it adds to the "outdoorsy" theme quite nicely. I also did a little distressing on the tag and the Really Rust paper with the brads. Oh yeah, I also clear embossed the sentiment, tag edges, and the torn Really Rust paper. I like the added dimension that this gives the card.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot I got my inspiration from this card on Charmaine's blog! Thanks Charmaine!!!

Well, gotta go! We are having some friends over tonight for pizza and DQ ice cream cake. Yummy! I need to do the dishes and make sure their isn't a bunch of cat hair on our couch!!! LOL!!! Ahhh, the joys of pets!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

You Make My Heart Flutter!

Here's another Valentine's Day card that I made using the same set of designer paper that I found in the "Dollar Spot" at Target. I really like the designs of the paper, but I just wish that it was a better quality. It's really thin and a little harder to work with than other designer paper. But, the price was right! Twelve sheets for a buck! You can't beat that!!!
I used my Petal Plus Set from Stampendous to make my little butterfly. I then mounted him on some of the paper that came in the same pack from Target. I "dotted" around him with my white gel pen and then gave him some sparkle with some Stickles. I then faux stitched around the edge with a red calligraphy pen from Marvy Uchida and then finished it off with some ribbon. I printed the sentiment directly on the cardstock using my pc.
Thanks for stopping by! I should have another post later this afternoon, so make sure and check back!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lovin' Those New Lizzie Anne Designs Stamps!!!

Well, I just attended my first ever release party over on SCS for Lizzie Anne Designs! It was so much fun! If you haven't checked out their new stamps you definitely should. They are amazing! I want them all!!! But, I have to be good and save money for our Hawaii trip. I'll have to narrow it down to one or two MUST HAVE sets! Which will be very hard! Do you have a new favorite Lizzie Anne Designs set? If you do let me know, maybe it will help me decide which ones to order!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Something different

I decided that I needed to expand my horizons and make something different, instead of just another card. So I pondered for awhile and remembered a little note pad my MIL had made a long time ago. (I think she even made it pre-blog!) So that's how I came up with this idea. I also thought that it would be fun to include a matching pen, so that the set would be complete!
To make sure that the note pad would stay together, I used that red sticky tape to tape down the post-its and the layered paper to the cardstock base. I also used eyelets to attach the ribbon for the pen. I just made a little loop and then tied the ribbon off in the back. The last thing that I need to do is get some of that magnetic tape and attach it to the back of the cardstock so I can hang it on the fridge. Then it will be complete!
I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! Thanks for stopping by! HUGS!!!
Supplies: SU's! Purely Pomegranate & Wild Wasabi, ribbon, eyelets, white gel pen, pp from the "Dollar Spot" @ Target, and $1 stamp from Michael's.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Hello dear blog friends! Well, it's Friday night... DH ditched me to go over to a friends house and play PS3. So I'm in my flannel jammies, having a glass of wine, and stampin'. Is that lame for a Friday night? Nah... ;)

Anyways, here is a little Valentine's Day card that I made using some designer paper and coordinating chipboard stickers that I found in the "Dollar Spot" at Target. All I did was add some ribbon and a heart brad to finish the card off. I guess I'm still in the "keeping it simple" mode!

Thanks for stopping by this Friday night!


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Another simple card

This is a simple little card that I whipped up today to send to some friends that are going on vacation with us in March. Did I tell you we were going to Hawaii to visit my DH's sister?

We bought our plane tickets clear back in August because they were SO cheap. We were really excited that we got such a great deal! But our excitement was short lived because about a month and a half ago we got an e-mail from the airline saying that our flights were cancelled and that we needed to book new flights! Ugh!!!
We were really frustrated because we knew we wouldn't be able to find tickets for that price again!
Well, it must have been our lucky day when our friend was scoping out prices and found tickets on the same days that we were originally flying on, with better departure and arrival times, and a $100 cheaper than our first ones!!! How lucky are we?!!! Of course he snagged those up fast, and we officially were going to Hawaii again! Yea!!!
Anyways, I had to mail our friends the money for our tickets today since he was the one that purchased them on-line. So I thought that it would be fun to put the check in a festive card. Hence the palm trees and the "vacation" stamp.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to make a card that isn't quite so simple! ;)
Thanks for stopping by! HUGS!!!

Supplies: Palm tree dollar stamp from Michael's, "vacation" stamp from Clearly Wordsworth, prisma color pencils, and Whisper White & Wild Wasabi cardstock from SU!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Hello friends! I hope you have enjoyed the 2nd day in 2008! Can you believe it? Where does the time go? I spent the 2nd day in '08 packing away Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. I love having my Christmas trees up, but I'm always ready to take them down after the 1st and regain "space" in our home again. So while I was taking down all of our decorations I decided that I needed to "simplify" our home. Not only pack away the holiday stuff but also get rid of the junk, stuff, stored items, knick-knacks, or whatever else you want to call them, and make room for the stuff that we really love and want to look at. I'm very sentimental, so this is going to be a challenge for me to "edit" the stuff in our home. But it's one of my resolutions so I know I can do it. I'm going to join Flylady again, hopefully that will help keep me motivated to let go of all of the stuff I just have stored away in boxes and totes. (If you haven't heard of Flylady go check her out!)
So in honor of my New Year resolution I made this simple card. It seriously took me two minutes tops to make this card, and most of that time was spent picking out the stamp and ink color! I know it's nothing special, but I like the simplicity of it! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!!! HUGS!!!

Supplies: (all from SU!) Whisper White cardstock, Rose Red & Basic Black ink, Paint Print stamp set. Sentiment was printed on my PC

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

CHEERS! to a new year!!!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous ending to
2007 and a glorious start to 2008, no matter how you celebrated! We had a small get together with four of our closest friends last night, Jon & Mandey and Chad & Karmen. I made a bunch of food, we had drinks, and we played Guitar Hero until the wee hours of the morning! Jon and Mandey spent the night here, so they wouldn't have to worry about traveling home last night.

So now Mandey and I are "hunkered down" in my craft room (still in our jammies) stampin' up a storm! I think stampin' in your jammies is a pretty good way to start a new year! Don't you?
To make this card I used pp from DCWV's The Glitter Stack, SU's! Whisper White, Basic Black, Going Grey, and In Any Event stamp set. I also used their detailed embossing powder to stamp the image. I printed the sentiment on my computer. I added some extra glitter to the glasses with my stickles and then finished the card with some black ribbon, silver brad and my date stamp.

Thanks for stopping by today! HUGS!!!