Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hmmm... I wonder what this card is all about? :)

No time for chit-chat today either! But, I'm sure you regular readers don't need any explanation for this one!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Quick Update!

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record... But I've been really busy with school and have had very little time to stamp! This is especially true right now because I'm trying to get everything done before we go on vacation! (yea!!!! vacation!!!)

I didn't have time to stamp this weekend either, because I was at state bowling! Yep, I said state bowling. And no, you do not have to be incredibly good to go to state, you just have to pay the fee!!! :) I've never bowled until this year, when I joined a women's league. I've had lots of fun bowling, but I'm not very good! But I am happy to say that I've improved a lot since the start of the season. And I actually bowled quite well at state.

Well here's a few pics to share. The first one is of our team. I just scanned the pic that the photographer took, hopefully he won't get me for copyright laws! :) The last one is of me and my friend Kinsey (and yes those are glitter shamrock glasses she's wearing!). We are pointing out my score where I filled the first frame and got a strike on the second! Obviously it was a big deal!
Thanks for stopping by! HUGS!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lucky Number 15 Gets the Yummy Daisy Treat!!!

Thank you for playing along with my little game! I got so many ideas from all of you, but I'm still not for sure on what to order!!!

I am still trying to decide between, One of a Kind, Boho Backgrounds, Smarty Pants, and Pretty Amazing. Oh, what's a girl to do? I guess I'm going to another SU! party in March so I can always get the rest of my wish list then! ;)

Okay here's the winning comment:
Amy said,

If you haven't ordered the "always" set I love it. Also, I love the berry bliss
paper. It is hard to tell you what to get when I don't know what you have. Is
your ink collection complete? I also love the bali breeze paper. Have fun
picking the perfect things!

Thanks for your comment Amy! I actually got the last few ink colors that I was missing for Christmas. Santa (aka MIL) is the best! So now I'm all about stamps!!!

Amy, send me an e-mail letting me know if you have any specific color combos that you would like or a specific word. Oh, and your snail mail address would be helpful too! :)

Thanks for stopping by tonight!!!


Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet Crazy Daisy! (Scroll down for a Daisy Treat)

Well I don't have anything to post today. I'm working on LOTS of homework and have plenty of chores and errands to do later this afternoon. I do think I'm going to take a little time to browse Target this afternoon. I've seen some really cute summer skirts in there that I think will be perfect for our Hawaii vacation! Oh I'm sooo excited for a little tropical weather! The last time DH and I were on a major vacation together (we tend to take separate vacations during the summer!) was on our honeymoon 2 1/2 years ago. We went to Cabo San Lucus, Mexico. OMG!!! It was awesome!

Okay, anyways... I thought I would post a pic of my blog's name sake. ;) Here is my sweet cat Daisy aka Crazy Daisy. I found her camped out in our hallway bathroom, laying in the sink! I've seen her do this before, but never found my camera in time to snap her pic! She truely is a goofy, crazy cat and definitely deserves her name as Crazy Daisy!

BTW don't forget to scroll down and post a comment so you can win a handmade Daisy Treat! Maybe I'll even find some other stampin' goodies to throw in the pot to sweeten the deal!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pay it Forward gifts and exmple of DAISY TREAT aka BLOG CANDY!!!

Okay, here are the gifts I came up with for the Pay it Forward game. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to create, but I finally settled on this. These are actually wood wall hangings for your craft area. I decided to use the word "create" in hopes that it would inspire the recipients when they are in a stampin' rut. :) I hope they like them!

To make these little creations I first went down to my FIL's shop to steal some scrap wood. But when I got down there I totally scored! He was actually mixing up custom stains for a customer and I got the "reject" samples. Not only were they the perfect size they were already sanded!!! I brought the scraps home and painted them with craft paint and sanded the edges of the paint after they were dry. I cut the letters out with my Cricut and used Mod Podge to adhere the desginer paper and the letters. I used tacky glue to attach the ribbon and flower. Oh I should mention that I got those little "saw tooth" picture hangers in the hardware aisle of Wal-Mart and attached those to the back of the wood after I had painted them.
Okay, about that Daisy Treat (aka blog candy). If you post a comment on the previous post you will have a chance to win a hand-made wall hanging like you see in the pics! If I draw your name I will let you decide the color combo and word for your wall hanging! (That way it will match your stamp area or whatever room you have in mind!) So if you are interested scroll down to the previous post to get the details! Thanks for playing along!

SU! Creations and a DAISY TREAT!!!

Hello Blog Friends! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Of course mine is flying by too fast, but it's been very enjoyable! Yesterday morning I had a SU! party. We always have sooo much fun at these! Our group is very talkative with a little touch of crazy ;)! So needless to say we have a good time, especially when we have the parties on Friday nights with drinks! ;) But since I was having a Saturday morning party I decided against he margaritas and went with some yummy Kona coffee that my SIL brought back from Hawaii and bagels from Big Apple Bagels. Yum!

Okay so these are the adorable creations we made yesterday with our SU! demo Jason. (She's just starting her blog so please encourage her!) She is so much fun and always has awesome projects for us to do! She said that she actually had three projects for us, but since we are so talkative we only had time for two of them!

The first one we made is an adorable little treat or gift basket! It was so easy to make too (once she showed us how ;) And I love the pp that we used to make it.

The next one is a little 4x4 card. Don't you love this pp too! We also used the white craft pad to put the polka-dots on the ribbon! I never would of thought of that!

Thanks for the awesome projects Jason!

Okay, on to the DAISY TREAT aka BLOG CANDY!

I need your help! I can't decide what I want to order from SU! So look through your catalog and let me know what I should order! There are so many cool sets in there, I just can't decide! Leave a comment on this post telling me YOUR must have SU! stamp set. I will draw a name Tuesday night and pick a winner to receive a custom hand made gift for your craft area! I'll post an example of the gift later today! Thanks for yor help!